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Racing Technical Articles

Welcome to TurnFast’s race driving technical articles. Each of the topic selections to the left contains several articles with photos, illustrations, and in some cases video, about the titled subject. Each series of articles introduces the basic principles of the subject, and progresses to more sophisticated aspects.

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  • Driver’s Gear
  • Vehicle Safety
  • Handling

Introduction to Racing Articles

This section covers several introductory subjects. If you have not yet started racing, and are considering getting involved, this collection of articles will provide you with an overview of the types of racing, how to prepare for the track, and basic track rules. Articles in this section include:

Introduction, Types of Racing, Trackside Preparation, Flags, Track Protocol, Vehicle Modifications, Driving Techniques, Driving Schools, The Cost of Racing

Driving Techniques Articles

It's easy to get caught up in the modification of your car with the latest hi-tech parts, but the best investment you'll ever make in road racing is in your driving skills. This section covers numerous aspects of the skills needed to become proficient in road course driving. Articles in this section include:

Driving Techniques Introduction, Seating Position, Steering, Shifting, Pedals, Heel-toe Downshift, Braking, Accelerating, Cornering, Visual Field, Reference Points, Passing

Practice Sessions

Like any developed skill, practice is the key to perfection, and for practicing to be worthwhile, there needs to be a plan. This section breaks down what your practice sessions should consist of, and how to get the most out of them. Articles in this section include:

Introduction, Session Precheck, Note Taking, Track Notes, Lap Time Notes, Tire Notes, Handling Notes, In-Car Video, Practice Agenda, Prioritizing Track Segments


Handling comes down to tire traction. All the expensive parts, data collection, and adjustments are to maximize and balance tire traction through maximizing tire contact patch and controlling weight transfer. In these articles we'll define traction and weight transfer, and look at what all that hardware is supposed to be doing. Articles in this section include:

Introduction, Tire Traction, Weight Transfer, Tires, Tire Pressure, Springs, Shocks, Anti-roll Bars, Chassis Braces, Wheel Alignment, Tuning Guide


Did you know that brakes don't stop your car? Seriously, they really don't. Your car's stopping power is ultimately limited by your tires, not your brakes. Our first article talks about balancing front and rear brake upgrades, and explains why front-only brake upgrades will actually decrease your stopping performance. Soon we'll get articles done for each of the brake system's major components. Articles in this section include:

Introduction, Balancing Brake Upgrades

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